Surfers, Bodysufers, Bodyboarders, Windsurfers, Kitesurfers and other disciplines will soon be subject to specific regulations and licensing surfing will soon be mandatory in France and in the European community!
Given the increasing number of practitioners and the upsurge of accidents in this environment, the French Government, in agreement with Europe, will set up a license to ride in order to practice all aquatic disciplines as is already the case with boat license for navigating jet ski or boat!

It's not for now confirmed the Office of Director of the Ministry of Sports and Youth but allowed to surf is indeed a project that will see the current day at 2015!

"It's surreal! It is a discipline that has its techniques and codes certainly but then to establish a permit .... But where are we going? They'll soon we lay a kiss permit too?" We confided Julien Peyrache, FreeSurfer since childhood Sables d'Olonne in the Vendée.

The Government assures that it is a law that is based on safety and accountability while everyone!