Jed Smith is a journalist and this is his new show, The Pipeline. This edition he raps about the upcoming Pipe Masters and it’s generally entertaining, the highlight is certainly his prediction for the world title: Medina being weak in the tube backside, a Kelly Pipe Masters victory and a fourth Mick Fanning world title.
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  • Guest
    Vote here for Kelly Slater to win the Pipe Masters
  • Guest
    Vote here for Mick Fanning to win the Pipe Masters
  • Guest
    Vote here for Gabriel Medina to win the Pipe Masters
    • “__________” by Martin Potter
      It will only let me down-vote once
      • DOMO
        Not even once anymore…STAB wanted to convey “positivity” or was it disqus…lame.
  • Sunny Garcia’s cell mate
    Dear Stab,
    Kill this segment.
    • Claudio
      I agree
  • James B
    Hey, boys, how many of you could ever believe 2 years ago that, in 2014, a brazilian young surfer would be leading the CT into Pipeline, being the winner of the best Teahupoo event ever and just about to conquer surfing world to Brazil?? How fast can thing change nowadays, or not? Cool!!!
    • Dave Fuck
      who cares, bro.
      • James B
        Everybody cares, including you. Thanks for taking your time to reply my post. Cheers!
        • Dave Fuck
          that’s the thing, jimbo. i really don’t care. i really don’t care for the racial divide you’re always bringing forward. i think medina’s doing a great job, and it’s great that he’s probs gonna win this year. i just see great surfers doing great things and being rewarded, no matter where the fuck they’re from. it’s snydes like you, who undermine what an epic international sport surfing can be, and refuse to see it as bigger picture.
          • Ozi
          • Claudio
          • James B
            I respect your opinion. The sad thing is that people like you are rare nowadays.
            But listen, i´m not a racist prick. People like me are the ones who shows how unfair is the prejudice towards brazilians. And that´s the main reason why so much americans and australians don´t like people like me! They weren´t used to have brazilians showing differents points of views in “their” websites, as they weren´t used to have brazilians winning “their” tour;
    • “__________” by Martin Potter
      Medina is not going to ‘conquer the surfing world to brazil’ after one title you fucking idiot.
      • James B
        We disagree. It is a conquer
    • HiroProtagonist
      Madina has been running his mouth about banging coco ho where the sun dont shine. The Hawaiians are looking foward to showing madina some aloha. Free surf? Only at the kiddy pool at the hotel for him.
    • ufoblast
      i cant beleive it bro,its so gay
    • Seabass120
      No, it shows you just how far pro surfing has gone down the shitter.
    • human guy
      1 world title to brazil is no conquest, fucktard. One individual human guy from the USA has 11 of them.
    • Turtle
      Beat it kook!
    • Roblune
      james B im gonna try and answer for you as straight forward as possible. i dont think anyone thought medina would have strung together the series of results he has had this quickly. 5 years i would have said yeah. medina’s heat strategy is second to none this year…his hook and bait tactics against kolohe in the semis of the fiji pro was impressive. Hell he even appeared to psych out kelly a bit during the chopes final. The bitter sweet reality of it in my opinion for gabriel is that he hasnt been the best standout surfer at any of these events aside perhaps fiji. Parko’s tubes off the snapper rocks, kelly’s barrel to end section hit-floater at margarets, Jordy’s 9.97 or .98 at bells, kelly’s discrediting of kolohe’s success at brazil, Fiji never got to the standard we saw the two prior years for the men, the insane backside tube riding clinic john john and kelly put on at chopes/ owen wright packing chope bombs to the head, jordy beating john john after john’s lowers clinic, john john’s 3-2-1 results up to and through france, mr consistency rearing his ugly head on the doorstep to pipe. I’ve gone a good bit overboard here. he very may well win the title this year but unfortunately for you, brazil, and Gabriel it will always be defamed.
    • Perry Hunani
      Wake up and put on your diaper! OMG yay! A Brazo took the damn thing! Nobody cares ! The Weasel Butt Snap Tour has a different agenda. The Programming of MILLIONS OF MEDINAS..half freakishly good surfer /MMA butt snapper fart master air wafter. poofter. And very hardcore.
    • Duck
      i need a massive shit. on your mums head.
    • Ozi
      People will hate because that’s the only thing they can do in their life. They only know that.
      The magic of internet. People from allover the world calling other people names, being the kind of tipping macho. What bunch of sissies.
  • jean michel
    please invest on a tripod for your cam
    • Gareth
      Please invest in an english for your comment.
  • Dr Merengue
    Vote here for Shawn Briley to win the Pipe Masters
  • josh
    the dumby forgot about shaun tomson and rabbit
  • Michael Taylor
    Who is this loser???
    • DOMO
      Pot meet kettle Michael.
  • Peter Jelly
    FFWD to the wave at 2:09 and skip all the rest of the crap.
  • Malcolm Mohrmann
    John John will win.
  • AI!
    Medina > Any U.S. Surfer.
    Let the number do the talking ho.
    • Steve Brule
      What cunt? That doesn’t make sense…
    • DOMO
      Get fuckkked Brazzo… reef Medina.
    • Pumpkin pie
      11 > 0 you cunt
  • Mapski
    The skimboarder at the end of the clip has about the same odds of winning Pipe as Medina does.
  • Xzibit
    Chris Pontius + Paul Fisher = Jed Smith
  • Samuka Diniz
    os gringo pira! medina campeão!