I just fucking love Dean Morrison’s game. He’s kinda like a toned-down version of an Australian Shane Dorian – World Tour competitor who stops competing and re-imagines himself as a big wave brawler and all-round tube pig (and sans hunting). It might be tow – The Right is yet to be paddled, and will probably remain that way unless Mark Mathews steps up – but this Billabong XXL Ride Of The Year entry is fabulous, if for no other reason than the perfection of the wave despite its obvious terror kinks. Perfectly navigated by Dingo, too.
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  • DOMO
    Willing to bet that between a Dean.and Mikala the amount of tube time is off the charts….Dingo’s a HEAVY.
  • Simon Welsh
    Ummmm, The Right has been paddled, by Ryan Hardy……twice.
    • Paul
      no one on this site gives a fuck about bodyboarders and you posting a link isn’t going to change that
      • Simon Welsh
        Fair enough….but you’re under the assumption I give a fuck what you think. Pretty sure most of the guys that surf the Right respect the bodyboarders out there, but each to their own I spose.
        • HT
          You took the time to comment here, twice. Its fair to say you do give a fuck what we think.
          • Simon Welsh
            three times….
      • João Mendes
        Ask mark mathews if he dont give a fuck about bodyboarders!! for years he surf this wave only with bodyboarders…!!! With mutual respect! You should just watch the link and give mad props to ryan hardy for paddle into that waves…yes on a bodyboard!! But probably you’re just to busy claiming about the big drop that you did today on 1foot beachy!!
    • RCL
      When they say it hasn’t been paddled it’s implied that they’re referring to surfing, and it’s a lot different when you’re paddling into waves on a sponge because you’re wearing fins AND you don’t have to pop up.
      • Simon Welsh
        Without getting into a massive debate on this, I dare say the guys paddling into Waimea Bay or Jaws would have an easier time of paddling into that wave than a lid. Fins are there to assist as lids have their legs dragging due to shorter boards. The difference is surfers can paddle faster due to less drag and can get up earlier, it is just The Right jacks up a lot faster so if you cannot drop top to bottom it is going to make it near impossible to paddle into. This is why bodyboards are able to ride slabbing waves without being towed in (Chopes, Box, Shark Island, Cyclops, Shipsterns etc) that surfers, until recently, couldn’t.
        • RCL
          Fair enough
        • matt
          blah blah blah
        • PseudoSurfer ⚓
          Simon I bodyboarded for 20 years, swapped to surfing a few years ago. I can tell you that it’s easier to catch waves on a bb wearing fins. Not having to stand up is an advantage too.
          • Simon Welsh
            Totally agree! The only exception is 20ft plus when riding a long board and you don’t have to drop top to bottom… at Jaws, Mavericks etc and that is why no bodyboarders ride those waves
    • Roblune
      Bro, wtf is/ are lids? The answer to that is no one cares. Secondly, the wave that spongebob dropped in on is a tenth of the size of that mass of water dingo charges. Get a grip and post something legitimately of equal consequences.
      • Simon Welsh
        Sorry champ, I was referring to the fact he has paddled the wave. No insult on the wave ridden here….just saying the wave has been paddled. Plenty of examples of bodyboarders being towed into waves of equal or bigger size, but that is not what my comment was referring to. But here is an example….even though no one cares :)
        • Roblune
          “Pinterest Perfect”
      Ryan’s wave is half the size…….
      • Simon Welsh
        See my comment below mate…..he had to paddle into it, but he still paddled into the Right. Wasn’t commenting on the size
    • Bra Boy
      You mean a bodyboarder flippered into the Right?
    • Softtop
      Only thing i got from that article was that John John was there
  • jelly Occy
    it’s pretty good. But why wasn’t Mark Matthews behind him to get the good angle… smdh
  • dooermanuerr
    pussy didn’t even do an air
  • Surf Hunk
    How did they come up with the name to this place?
  • PostalEmployeeNewman
    Mork Matthews isn’t paddling shit until he pulls the selfie stick out of every pro surfers arse he takes to the right..
  • surfhealthandfitness
  • Patrick Fitzmichael
    Oh me oh my