Kelly Slater posted this on Instagram ! An oldie but a goodie...with ‪#‎SteveIrwin‬'s ‪#‎Tortoise‬, Harriet, a few months before she, and then Steve, passed away. Steve said Harriet was his most favorite creature he ever knew and he was more heartbroken than he'd ever been when she died as the ‪#‎OldestKnownLivingCreature‬, around 176 years old, in 2006! Harriet was one of three tortoises taken from the ‪#‎GalapagosIslands‬ by ‪#‎CharlesDarwin‬ in 1835 and ultimately ended up at the @australiazoo after being shuffled around the world. Steve told me this was the last time he saw her interacting with people as she crawled out of her puddle to grab a few hibiscus flowers from our hands. The photo was taken in March and she passed away in June. How cool to have met her.