When Mark Healey hits the eject button, you're probably not in a great place.

Healey out. Boat in. Photo: Shannon Marie

Mavericks was wild today. This moment, in particular, was one of the wildest. After this boat found itself a little too far on the inside – a place you definitely don’t want to find yourself at Mavericks – Mark Healey hit the eject button. And when Healey’s doing it, it’s probably not a bad thing to consider.

There were more a few massive clean up sets that caught many people off guard in typical Mavericks fashion. The channel was crowded and as the tide dropped, a monster bomb came through and cleaned-up the pack. While most surfers on the boat (including a heavy Hawaiian crew consisting of Koa Rothman, Billy Kemper, Francisco Porcella and Koa Smith)  grabbed a rail or ran to the other side, Healey pulled out the stunt professional in him and launched up and over the wake. “