A new year is upon us and here’s how we can change surfing forever in 365 days or less.

A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest. The same logic applies to sports, and a sport at rest is a sport that nobody cares about – especially our beloved surfing. Change isn’t just a cornerstone of our sport; it’s the whole foundation. Even the ocean itself is an ever-changing abundance of fun. So, as a nod to progress, to evolution and to never being stagnant, here are the 10 things surfing needs in 2015.

A rogue contest format
They say that every new idea is first ridiculed, then violently opposed and then finally accepted as being self-evident. In 2015, we need a new contest format to be ridiculed, violently opposed, then accepted as the catalyst that brings forth the biggest change in competitive surfing history. Because, really, there has to be another way to gauge quality surfing.

The best surf movie ever
When was the last time there was a watershed video? A video that raises the bar, changes the game, clichés the cliché? Kai Neville’s got something in the works for this year. So does one John John Florence.

A new world champion
We already received this gift in Gabriel Medina this year. But in 2015, we need an even newer one. We need John John Florence. We need Kolohe Andino or Filipe Toledo. We need them to be under 25 and able to do an air that makes the world shriek.

The proper wave pool
Note to scientists: figure this out.

Dane Reynolds to compete
Dane is one of the world’s best surfers. The world’s other best surfers are on tour. He should join them, no? Little known fact is that Dane applied for the 2015 ASP wildcard. They dolled to Glenn Hall and CJ Hobgood instead. Looks like he’ll have to hit surfing’s most feared three letters: the WQS.