Pipeline is always a competition. Watch it any time it’s breaking – really breaking – and you’ll find a clutter of the world’s best surfers trying to get the best wave of the day. Or, more specifically, trying to out-prove each other. But the annual Volcom Pipe Pro gives them a chance to win at Pipeline officially, and in front of the whole world.

In the newest instalment of Red Bull’s 21Days series, we follow Hawaii’s Jamie O’Brien, Ezekiel Lau, Kalani Chapman and Koa Rothman. O’Brien and Chapman are two of Pipe’s best-known locals, and guys who have proven themselves time and again out there. Lau and Rothman are part of the younger generation who’ve just begun to stake a claim on the North Shore’s best stretch of reef.

Episode two continues detailing the intricacies of life in pre-contest mode through the eyes of four different personalities. But who will it be that finds the podium? Only Pipe will tell.