Like California and much of the world, Australia’s east coast gets some really great surf in summer. East swells are kinda rare and light up a whole host of diff spots. One of those is this gem from New South Wales’ south coast last Saturday (and, no need to be a hero to call out the locale).
As the comments will testify, we will assume the conversation will go like this: Surfers shouldn’t be towing through bodyboarders. It’s against the law, etc.

The response will go something like this: If waves were going unridden and couldn’t be paddled into, then there should be the ability to tow waves so they’re enjoyed.

Both are salient points. However, these conversations get murky when we try to work out whether the towed wave was actually able to be ridden with paddle power.

Regardless of your opinion, these are some sketchy and yet enjoyable tubes. Oh, and the surfers featured are Scott Dennis (regular) and Tim Taplin (goofy).

Let the games begin…