There has been a lot of UK mainstream attention of surf in the past winter months. Of course, as in last year, we had Cotty and the big wave riders taking over the news with their exploits (which the mainstream press and public definitely gets) but this year we are we are also seeing more ads on the TV, and it’s not just big waves, it’s cold water surfing. And “they” seem to be getting “it”.
Jaeger “Journey to surf”

Jaeger has a long history with the UK surf scene as many a traveller brought the drink back from the Canaries in the 90’s, but they have never really advertised… Until Autumn 2014 when they hit the TV with a cool global ad shot in Iceland featuring UK and Irish surf stalwarts during prime time. Unfortunately the surf bit had to be cut as UK laws don’t allow alcohol and surfing to shown to be mixed, as if we would…But in general it was really well shot ad concentrating on the a bunch of surfing friend having a ball surfing cold water waves. Pretty good vibes, and you would love to have been in that bar. In fact I tried my best to actually be in that bar, but I got dissed by the producers!
Volvo ‘The Swell’

More recently Volvo have given it a darn good shot with another ad for a global campaign “The swell”. Obviously being a surfer I kinda like it when mainstream fail in their portrayal of surfing as I can hurl bit of abuse at the TV and curse the day the kooky directors were born, but holy moly these guys almost nailed it. Although shot in Durban the ad has cold water surf roots and strap line that resonates “To feel. To really feel….is a rare thing these days”. If it wasn’t for something that slightly annoys me about the paddling at the end (Is she having to paddle around a cameraman or something?) I’d have given it high eights!
H&M “Cold water surf”

Then came scourge of many a surf brand, second only to surf pretenders extraordinaire, Hollister, H&M. Not only is the decision to use cold water surfing way, way left field for the brand bringing us affordable clothing, they also hooked up with bonafide award winning cold water surf filmmaker Chris McClean and amiable Swedish surfer Freddie Meadows for an icy adventure shot in snow and a stunning ad. Biscuit down…!