Kelly Slater, the 11 time, world-champion of surfing has found a new place to hang his hat on the Gold Coast. This gorgeous apartment cost the star a little over $2 million dollars and features impeccable beach front views right on the sand. With other properties for sale, just a few doors down, here are the 7 reasons you want to live next to Kelly slater.

1. You'd have the best surfing coach in the world.

2. You'd have a best friend to watch the sunset.

The view from 131 Jefferson Lane, Palm Beach

3. You could spend hours getting in to shape.

4. You'd have a new friend to take for ice cream.

5. You'd have dreamy eyes to stare in to all day long. 

6. You'd be living on the best beach in the world. 

7. The locals love it.

"The Gold Coast's best beach residential secret"

Yes I should not tell the world or they will all want a piece of Palm Beach. Great community, great neighbours where everyone looks out for everyone. After living here for nearly eight years I finally could afford a mortgage. I have moved around the Palm Beach area in three different houses and each and every street I have lived in the longer term residents and there are plenty of them are warm friendly and inviting. I have lived from Tassie to Townsville and west of that as well and I have never felt more at home or welcome than I do here at Palm Beach. It is true it is not without problems but no town is. The truth is it really is the Gold Coasts best place to live. Not too many tourists, and I would never knock the tourists as they add millions to the economy but if you are looking for somewhere quiet but want to be on the Gold Coast, outside the hinterland you probably could not do much better.

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