Friendly competition may push a sport, but rivalries shove it. Now here are five we need to see.

Friendly competition will push a sport to a whole new level. But a rivalry? That'll shove it along. Simply put, a rivalry is the catalyst for progression in a sport. Not so simply put, nothing compares to a good old fashioned hot-blooded vendetta between two elite masters of a certain sport. Surfing is a sport – yeah, we said it – and it thrives off rivalries just like any other competitive endeavor. And, honestly, how good are rivalries for the fan? So without further ado, here are five rivalries surfing needs right now.

1. Gabriel Medina vs John John Florence
This is the most obvious rivalry we need. And one might hope that it will come into fruition this year. Florence is 22, blonde and from Hawaii. Median is 21, brunette, of Brazil. Florence is widely considered the best surfer in the world but guess who won the world title last year? Medina. Juicy, isn't it. And there are so many questions. Will Medina's title light a fire in John on tour? Will the release of Florence's movie push Medina to work on his freesurfing? Could this be the greatest rivalry our sport has ever seen? Our fingers are crossed.

2. Stephanie Gilmore vs Carissa Moore
While Stephanie Gilmore was becoming the best female surfer to have ever lived, Carissa Moore was becoming the new best female surfer to have ever lived. Gilmore's already got six world titles to her name; Carissa has two. The duo are separated by a mere five years – which means they're members of the same generation, yet still experience a gap in terms of maturity. As it stands, Gilmore will be the oldest competitor on the 2015 Women's WCT, and Moore will be the hungriest she's ever been. Look for these two to battle for the next few years, and to propel women's surfing into a place that Wendy Botha only dreamed of.

3. Greg Long vs Garret McNamara
They exist on different ends of the spectrum, yet they share the same obsession and the same goal. Obsession: find the biggest waves in the world. Goal: surf them. Technically, McNamara has ridden bigger waves than Long, but here's the catch – Long paddles into them. So where would this rivalry lead? Maybe Long picks up the tow-rope? McNamara pushes himself without the ski? Who knows. But no matter where they take it, it would still result in two of the world's most fearless men feeding off each other in waves bigger than your rich neighbor's home.

4. Noa Deane vs Dane Reynolds
Every so often, a surfer emerges that captivates the entire world solely by virtue of raw talent. Dane Reynolds did it, and most recently, Noa Deane has done it. Now any edit featuring either of the two is must-watch internet hit. They've been on trips together before, and they'll probably go on trips together again, but in order to make this rivalry fruitful, something has to happen. One of the two must declare war and seek the freesurfing throne. We'll be watching. It's your move, gentlemen.

5. John John Florence vs Jamie O’Brien
Imagine these two going at it at Pipeline – enough said.