Here’s the first installment of the 3-piece photography series from behind the scenes of SURFING’s California issue. Almost sometimes annually, the magazine is made up of all the best wintertime west and northwest swells and our favorite surfers enjoying them. This is a visual sneak peak into subject, characters and themes that we love about the place that SURFING Magazine calls home.

Aesthetically pleased. Photo: Corey Wilson 

Nothing says California like rolling green gorgeous hills Dane Reynolds doing an air. Photo: William Sharp

 Some raise the roof. Others tickle it. Griffin Colapinto. Photo: Nelly
Pumping, pumping, pumped. Killian Garland. Photo: Nick Liotta

 Jordy Smith and the J-Bay reference that never was. Photo: Corey Wilson

Damien Hobgood’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy. Photo: Scotty Hammonds

 Peak your pick. Photo: Jimmicane