Photo: Stuart Gibson

Surfing Australia has released the finalist entries for the 2014 ‘Nikon Surf Photo of the Year’ award.
The 2015 Australian Surfing Awards will be held in Manly tomorrow evening.

During the ceremony, surfing pioneer Ted Spencer will be inducted as the 37th member of the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame.

Other awards include Nikon Surf Movie of the Year, Male Surfer of the Year, Female Surfer of the Year, Rising Star Award, Waterman of the Year, ASB Surfing Spirit Award, Peter Troy Lifestyle Award, Surf Culture Award and the Simon Anderson Club Award.

Photographers including Brodie McCabe, Ed Sloane, Ray Collins, Mark Onorari and Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson submitted images.

Here are the top 10 finalists for ‘Photo of the Year

Photographer: Andrew Chisholm

Photographer: Brodie McCabe

Photographer: Ed Sloane

Photographer: Ray Collins

Photographer: Mark Onorari

Photographer: Peter 'Joli' Wilson

Photographer: Russell Ord

Photographer: Stuart Gibson

Photographer: Andrew Chisholm

Photographer: Peter 'Joli' Wilson