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The sun was shining and the surf was small enough for most the kids to get some green in the line up!” – Dennis Nerpio, Founder of Surf’s Up Surf Camp, Tofino, British Columbia

With a little more than two days remaining in their Indiegogo capital campaign, Surf’s Up Autism Surf Camp have surpassed their goal: raising over $2,350 or 10% of their goal. But there is more help to be had! What is the money going towards? Hosting autistic children and their families for a day of surf action and beach filled fun.

1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism.

A Father's Dream - 2009

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loran Eisley
I truly believe this and see the power behind each wave and the calming touch of the surfboard under my son's feet. Some people get beaten by the strength of the wave crashing into the break leaving them bruised and battered. For a small and unique group the wave empowers them, strengthens them, becomes a part of them but never breaks them. This is the story of our son.
Within hours of making it to Tofino we were on the beach surfboards in hand. This is when the magic truly started. My son had never been on a surfboard but within an hour he had the waves dancing underneath his feet. It was as if the board was his other half, they had a secret language and rhythm all of their own.
They instantly understood each other unspoken words and the magic of the waves danced with him and the board, carrying them both to shore.
Please be a part of our Search. 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism and it is four times more prevalent in boys. These figures are staggering and increasing at an alarming rate.


To provide the unique experience of surfing to the families living with Autism in a dynamic, enriching  and inclusive environment.

Share in our Aloha Spirit
Surf's Up is a free two day surf camp in Tofino BC inspired by a father who's son was diagnosed with Autism at age 4 and by age 5 was standing on his first surfboard at Cox Bay.  From there a dream was born to create the first free Autism surf camp in BC for children and families living with Autism.
Surf's Up provides each child one to one with a certified surf instructor and Autism Behavioural Interventionist so that each surf session is tailored exactly to that child's needs.  We also have certified BCBA Autism Consultants involved in the planning and day of the camp.  We provide all the wetsuits, surfboards, food for the day as well each child receives a medal at the end of the event.
We also include siblings in every aspect of the day!

The Impact

Surf's Up success relies solely on our fundraising initiatives.  Surf's Up is not a large organization but an event inspired by a father and son's dream to share their love of surfing with other families living with Autism.  Every cent raised goes into the cost of running this event.  By donating you can give a family a chance to take part in this amazing day full of fun, surf and Aloha spirit.

Thanks to you and your amazing donations last year for our Surf's Up Event 2014 we were able to add an extra day to the camp and surf with an amazing 100 children including those living with with Autism and their siblings.

Saturday Sept 13, 2014

Sunday September 14, 2014

Other ways you can help.

We’ve set the starting donation at $5 on this campaign so most people can afford to donate. However, we understand that some people just can’t afford to contribute financially.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t help.  Here are the ways that you can still make a contribution to our community without opening your wallet.
  • Get the word out:  Like and share directly from THIS PAGE by using the tools underneath the video (at top of page). 
  • Share weekly until our campaign ends.
  • Ask others to donate through your share.
  • The more likes and shares we get then the more successful the campaign will be.
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To support Surf’s Up Surf Camp, be sure to check out the Indiegogo campaign.
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