1.polar bear surfing

Here is a fact about me…I can’t swim! But my dog “Alfie” loves the water, But there forth is the start to this blog, because the other day when we went to the beach, he started swimming after some poor kid on a surf board because he had what looked like a tennis ball attached by sting to it. (so he can find it if he falls off) But to Alfie it wasn’t a safety device it was his ball and sadly for me he managed to get the “ball” and pull on it enough to make the poor kid fall in the water! Well I was so embarrassed that I lied and told the small boy that my dog just loves surfing! He said he wanted to see him do it, but I lied again and said it was to cold. So to try and make up for my sins I have decided to bring you…

 2.Ducks Surfing.

 3.Surfing Mouse

 Mouse: Has seen “Point Break” about 40 times so he knows what he is doing

 4.Surfing Dog

 Dog: Believe it of not this dog was the winner at the 2008 Dog Surfing competition!

 5.5Surfing Goat

 Goat: Doesn’t look like a idiot even though he has a surfer dude Goatee