Surfers get naked, jet off to the best locations and wear the best clothes... What's not to like?

First of all, I don’t like the term ‘extreme’ sport but that’s for another article.
I use the term because you know what I mean by ‘extreme sports’ – things like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, motocross, skateboarding – all the sports featured on this mighty Mpora site.
What you probably don’t know is that surfing is by far the best of these sports.
OK, as a surfer I am biased, but I’ve tried all of the others and I’m sticking with the best. Here’s why…

1. No broken bones when you fall

Extreme sports hurt. From minor scrapes to paraplegia, if you go fast and hit something hard, your body is going to suffer. That’s why it’s called terra firma.

If you take sports on wheels or zipping down mountains seriously, then you’re gonna break something sooner or later.

However, the ‘speed + hard surface = pain’ formula does not apply (so much) to extreme sports on water.
Unwieldy crafts like windsurf gear, wave skis, SUPs, kayaks appeal less than the simple surfboard. With surfing, you have one small board to dodge, and a wave full off air bubbles to cushion your fall. It’s like sliding into a jacuzzi.

OK, if you get hit by a fin you might get a bruise or a small gash, but in 20 years of surfing that’s happened to me twice and once it was a mate’s fin, on a wave ski!

There is of course the risk of drowning, but apparently it doesn’t hurt much.

2. Surf spots are in the best locations