Over the weekend, CA surfers scattered every which way in hopes to get a slice of the best winter swell of the season. As per usually, Timmy Reyes made a better call than most, and was duly rewarded. Nick Green was on hand to capture the session’s highlights, which included appearances by Kolohe, Luke Davis, Oliver Kurtz, Damien Hobgood, Kerrzy, and more.

“Up at 3am anticipating a building swell and strong offshores, the morning began as would be expected; A double-shot of espresso and a Pastry a la 24-hour Starbucks. We made it south of the boarder to our destination by sunrise, high on coffee and hoping our predictions were right.” Green recalls that their “first glance wasn’t too promising, but Timmy decided to hop in the water and hope for the best. The winds played around for hours, unpredictably shifting between offshore and onshore, before settling into a hot 20kt offshore that stuck around for the entire day.  Surfers that stuck it out until then were rewarded with what was perhaps the best session of their collective lives. For Timmy, it was just another day in his life as a nomad.”