If you are a water lover, then you surely know that nothing gives you the same adrenaline rush like a good water sport or surfing. If you are a daredevil and you would travel the world looking for the countries with the best waters ports in the world, then here you will find four ideas that will surely come in handy:

1. USA

California is known all across the United States for its amazing beaches and waters, not to mention that the beaches here are like Paradise for surfers (both for beginners and for professionals). Some of the most popular areas for water sports in California include San Diego, Santa Barbara or Malibu. You can enjoy a plethora of water sports here, from sea cave kayaking or canoeing on one of California’s numerous creeks, lakes and rivers to boating, sea canoeing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing as well as paddle boarding. Whatever water sport rocks your boat, you are sure to find it here! On the other hand, rafting enthusiasts will also feel like they are in Heaven if they decide to visit California one day.

Hawaii is more than just hula hoops and lovely songs, as the Hawaiian water sports are famous all around the world. As a matter of fact, here you can try kite surfing, windsurfing, stand surfing, body boarding, kayaking and a whole lot of other pleasant similar activities. The weather is perfect and the waters are just right for an unforgettable water sport session! Moreover, here you can also find numerous trained, experienced and certified instructors that will introduce you to the beauty of water sports, if you are not familiar with them already.

2. Australia

No list of the countries with the best water sports would be complete without mentioning Australia, as it is here where the world’s most passionate and professional surfers gather each year to enjoy the massive waves. Australia is popular worldwide for its water sports and for its beaches, not to mention the long, quiet and clean coasts and beaches where you can get a lovely tan!

3. Greece

Rhodes, Kos or Mykonos are only three of the most popular islands in Greece, therefore if you are looking for a great tourist destination for water sports, you might want to take them into account. The emerald waters in Greece will surely fascinate you, and so will the natural attractions of the Ionian and the Aegean seas. From popular to unspoiled beaches, in Greece you can find everything you need in terms of water sports – all you need is your professional gear and a lot of determination to have an unforgettable experience here!

4. The Republic Of Mauritius

Last, but not least, the Mauritius island is also famous for the water sports here. Surrounded by white sand beaches and by the Indian ocean, the Mauritius island is surely a delight for every surfer or diver, not to mention that here you can get sunshine and warm temperatures throughout all four seasons! Moreover, tourists can also find two UNESCO World Heritage Sites here on the island.