• Jorge Tirado, 43, took his son surfing in Puerto Rico
  • 'I'm never going to put the baby beyond any reach. The baby is stuck with me and his legs [are] on my stomach,' Surfer dad Jorge Tirado said
  • Takes footage on a GoPro camera strapped to the board
  • Shows baby looking nervous - as well as smiling
A dad whose video of he and his nine-month-old baby surfing made waves on the internet is defending his decision to take the infant for a ride after critics called the sport too dangerous. Jorge Tirado, 43, of Puerto Rico spoke to Inside Edition's Les Trent about his choice to involve his little boy in the sport and film it all with his GoPro camera to upload online this week. Les Trent asked, 'I do think a lot of people seeing that video say that's not something you should do with a baby.'

Tirado replied, 'For me, there is no problem. I'm never going to put the baby beyond any reach. The baby is stuck with me and his legs [are] on my stomach.'
Tirado said that the sport is not dangerous but is actually enlightening for his son who was blessed to go into the ocean for the first time.
'My son first try. Thanks to everyone.
'I encourage you to safely bring your kids to the ocean, after all the ocean is the place where it all began. 
'By far, this is the best sport for your spiritual, mental and physical health.'  

 Like a pro: The footage ends with the baby breaking out into a big smile as he rests on the board

At nine months old, babies, if they are really advanced, might be crawling around on the floor, or shuffling from A to B. 
However, this tiny tot has been filmed surfing - as his father takes him out on his bodyboard. 
In the video, Jorge can be seen holding his son, who is unnamed, and getting him ready for a day's surfing.

The footage shows dad and baby choosing the largest waves, and they even ended up going through the tube in the middle of the wave.
Although the youngster does seem nervous when going into the cold water, it soon changes to a smile once the board takes to the waves.
Tirado does not specify exactly where the video was shot but tagged it as being in Puerto Rico.

Not impressed... Jorge's son looks uncomfortable as they ride into a wave

The baby is then seen in the water, with waves splashing over his face as he is held on the board.
At times, the tot doesn't look impressed, as the water cascades over him.
But he ends with a smile as he is joined by another surfer.
While taking an infant out onto the waves can be dangerous, it is not uncommon for experienced surfers or bodyboarders to introduce their kids to the ocean at a young age.
Pro-surfer John John Florence, 22, for example, has said that he was only six-months-old when his mother put him in a life vest and sat him on the nose of her surfboard as she paddled into waves