Okay, so quick story.

I spent all day today surfing a huge summer swell in San Diego.  These waves were generated by an earthquake off the coast of New Zealand about a week or so ago.  74 degree water, sunny, 8-12+ foot waves and just a great day to be out at Blacks Beach in La Jolla, Ca.

So your probably wondering how I am gonna tie this in to business and life and so on and so forth so here is the ah-ha moment.

When your paddling out in 8-12+ foot waves its easy to get a little nervous, especially if you have not done it in awhile.  You can begin to doubt yourself and even sometimes hesitate to take action.

Same as life, if you have fear or apprehension about something, the only way to get rid of that fear or apprehension is to “drop in.”  Start that business you have always wanted to start.  Begin writing that book you have always wanted to write.  Paddle into that perfect 12 foot barreling left hand wave and get after it and something very interesting will happen almost immediately.  Your fear will DISAPEAR.

Its amazing, fear fades with action.  Even if you fall on the wave or have to rewrite that chapter in your book, the fear will be gone.  You will realize that it was not so hard and wonder why you ever hesitated in the first place.  That’s why marathon runners always say that the hardest step in a marathon is not the last step, its the first one.  That is also the reason that so many people will never reach their dreams, because they are too scared to take that first step.

So today, after you read this, look at your life and figure out what you have been putting off because you were too scared to act.  Suck it up, take a deep breath and take that first step.  Put the first words down to your book.  Incorporate that business you have always wanted and drop into that perfect left and then paddle back out to your buddies with a huge smile on your face, because you know they are all jealous!