When the surf's not pumping at Pipeline, what's a Pro to do? We gave Kelly the chance to try out another line of work, with his own pop up Chia Shop.

Swapping his surfboard for an apron, Kelly spent the morning serving Chia Pods to the North Shore locals - sharing his passion for real food, essential nutrition, and how important diet is to his performance as an athlete.

As Kelly Slater says, "I read every ingredient panel of everything I buy. I think it's hugely important."
Kelly takes so much care with what he puts in his body because he knows the relationship between his diet and his performance as an athlete are directly connected.

Do you know the ingredients in the foods you eat? We use only real, plant food ingredients and keep our labels clean. Mango Chia Pod contains only three ingredients: sun ripened chia seeds, coconut milk and real mango.

Thank you to GoPro for sharing this incredible footage with us.