Drone Videos of Surfing to keep you stoked on those flat days!

It features some of the latest aerial drone footage of deep barrels, sweet airs, big wave surfing and massive turns captured from drones from some of the worlds top surfers including John John Florence, Dane Reynolds, Mason Ho, Jamie O'Brien and Bruce Irons.

These are the best drone videos of surfing in 2015

Spots in this drone video include Mavericks, the reef at Haifa coast, the Mentawais, Seascape beach in Santa Cruz, Byron bay and top surfing destinations in Hawaii such as Kona, Waikololoa and on Oahu North Shore: Banzai Pipeline of course!

The multirotors and drones used in this video are primarily the DJI phantom 2 Vision + flown with FVP with Fatshark goggles from the beach by epic pilots.

Drones offer us a unique perspective on this extreme sport. No longer are we confined to watching surfing from the shore line, but can now fly above the surfers heads and get an aerial view that follows the surfers down the wave for an uninterrupted shot of this beautiful sport called surfing.

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