These days you don’t even need to see a guy or a girl surf to know whether or not they rip. It’s all in the color wetsuit they wear. Let’s take a look at some of the colors that separate the pros from the bros …

Black / Black with any color trim
This is the everyman’s wetsuit color. From Dane Reynolds to the girl taking her first surf class, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you surf, black works on just about anyone. Think everybody and your brother.

Solid Blue or Dark Green
If you rock an all blue or all green wetsuit chances are you are the best surfer at your local break. You might even be one of the top young surfers in the State, but that’s about it. Blue or Green means you’re better than the average Joe, and you know it. All blue or green wetties mean you throw the tail and bury the rail better than anyone in the water at any given time. Think the hottest guy at your local break.

Solid Red
This means you’re better than most surfers in your own State or country. This means you’ve surfed the WQS and can rip the shreds out of any wave on the planet and could easily be on the WCT if you’re not on it already. Surfers who rock the all red wettie are usually a little better than the surfers wearing solid blues or greens, that’s just the way it goes. Think Owen Wright, John John, Felipe Toledo or the hottest guy in your state.

Solid Yellow, Flouro Green or Orange
This means you are ASP WCT material and know it. You surf so well you could care less about the color of your wettie. Think Julian Wilson.

Solid White
If you’re rockin' the solid white wettie you're better than amazing, you're world champion material and or are far beyond legend status … and you bloody well know it. Surfers who wear all white wetties are pretty much the kings. Think John John, Christian Fletcher and Kelly Slater.
Caption: Christian Fletcher can wear any color wettie he wants, and for good reason: He's Christian Fletcher and you're not. Photo: Joe Foster