This new edit from Maui-born surfer Clay Marzo is annoying. It’s brilliant. Don’t get us wrong! It’s undoubtedly sick, gnarly, stoke-inducing, radical, extreme and, well, just good. But it’s also really annoying.
And this annoyance is born out of nothing more than pure jealousy. Marzo is an exponent of a super laid back style that’s pretty much unique to him. It’s the kind of effortless steeze that us mere mortals can only only dream of as we cling to our boards with dear life, lost somewhere off the coastline of North East England.

But, as if that’s not enough, Marzo then nails a whole bunch of late drops that challenge everything humanity knows about physics. Seriously, how can a human get so horizontal and be back to vertical in the blink of an eye. Some kind of Dark Arts is our best guess.
And this is without mentioning the barrel riding and the part when he takes on a big lump of gnarly looking reef, right at the end.
Come on now, Clay. Pack it in. You’re making everyone look kind of shitty now.