Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton is headed towards the final trimester of her pregnancy, and the passionate surfer has decided to put her short board away "for a while" to focus on her pregnancy and the arrival of her baby.
Hamilton has shared a series of photos on her Instagram account (@bethanyhamilton) documenting her pregnancy, and for the most part, it looks like she cannot be separated from the waves despite her growing belly.
She proudly proclaims that she "surfs like a girl" and is "pregnant and surfing," but has also admitted that doing certain physical activities, such as climbing the stairs, is "much harder" now that she is pregnant.

However, she is still grateful to have had a smooth pregnancy thus far, and is looking forward to see her son "out and about."
One of the latest surfing shots she shared was at six and 3/4 months, and she captioned the photo, "Roundy. Thankful for fun surfs during my pregnancy!"

Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks are expecting a young boy, and Hamilton has no doubt that their son will grow up loving the surfing sport as much as they do.
In a different photo of her in action, Hamilton gave it the caption: "Jr and I surfing at 6 3/4 months! He love it already, I know."

Hamilton has said that her favorite part about being pregnant is feeling her baby move inside of her. "It's so strange yet the best feeling," she said.

She and Dirks are looking forward to everything the future has in store for them, the most immediate being the arrival of their son. Hamilton added that being a mother is a new exciting adventure that she knows for certain will be both wonderful and challenging.