If you’re as firmly in the grip of your IG feed as the world’s majority is, then you saw this photo yesterday. But for those who didn’t come across it, here’s Shane Dorian capturing an amazingly good GoPro moment of himself with Jamie O’Brien behind him in the tube, also holding a GoPro, down in Mexico. And that sentence alone heralds a new era of surf imagery. With John John Florence and Jack Robinson filming each other at The Box, Mark Mathews filming Taj Burrow at The Right, Bruce Irons shooting John John in WA, Jason Findlay and Scott Dennis double-barreling on the South Coast and of course, the godfather of this angle, Laurent Pujol getting it done since forever in France, we’ve certainly entered a new realm of visual representation in surf. Even Doz’s independent setup which we’ve seen from Ireland and Chopes is brave new world.

And so, surfer in photo/video of Mexican barrel is also credited photographer/filmer of Mexican barrel. Bonus: Particularly good moment when Shane looks back to watch JOB get chewed.

Where’s north from here?

Come watch Shane Dorian and Jamie O'Brien play cat and mouse in a thundering Mexican cavern!
Posted by We are surfers on mercredi 6 mai 2015