Got a camera, a dream or a simple appetite for good surf photos? We’ve got you covered.

Surfers, and surf photographers, are creatures of habit. The best of these creatures have tapped into the rhythms of the ocean in an almost scientific sort of way. They know when the waves are going to be good, where the waves are going to be good and exactly what those good waves will look like. And, like anyone else, they like to play favourites.

Out of all the world’s 196 countries (you count, Taiwan), a handful can be grouped into that category of favouritism. We hand-picked 10 nations that you can count on to consistently produce photos that are worth looking at. So, well, look at them.

Julian Wilson, Brazil


Bright water. White sands. The inherent liveliness of all things Brazilian. Julian Wilson can't help but indulge.
© Ryan Miller
Miguel Pupo, Fiji


The sky don't lie. Here, in Tavarua, Miguel Pupo gets a taste of tangerine heaven.
© Ryan Miller
Wave spitting in France


Breathe in. Breathe out. The sandbars of France understand the simple pleasure of the breath. And have we mentioned the wine?
© Ryan Miller

United States of America

From sea to shining sea to, well, the rock a few hours off the coast. The contiguous United States have plenty of photogenic regions — but all pale in comparison to Hawaii.
© Ryan Miller
South Africa

South Africa

Sharks. Giraffes. Elephants. And really, really long rights. South Africa offers a medley of all things wild. Here's a deceptively tame moment at J-Bay.
© Ryan Miller
Jordy Smith and Kolohe Andino in Tahiti


Tahiti teems with life. It is bright blue and it is lush green and it is all so raw and so real. Here, Jordy Smith and Kolohe Andino take it all in at Teahupo'o.
© Ryan Miller
Jordy Smith


The land of meat pies and clean skins. Australia has a ridiculously large chunk of coast that can produce a good photo. But as we see here with Jordy Smith, sometimes it's best to not veer too far from the classics. Bells Beach.
© Trevor Moran
Andrew Cotton


Because looking at photos of XXL Nazare will never get old. Here's Andrew Cotton and a wave taller than most buildings in your city.
© Jeff Flindt
Julian Wilson


For over a decade, Indo has been the place to go to get the best action photo. And here, Julian Wilson gets the best action photo.
© Scotty Hammonds
Salina Cruz, Mexico


America's neighbour will always offer you a good time. And a beer. And, if you're Noa Deane, an air section.