'Unfortunately, I think people viewed it (skating) as a white dude's sport,' says, Eric 'Tuma' Britton - luckily, the stereotype never stopped Eric from pursuing it. On this edition of Venice Then and Now we dive into the history of race and skating through the story of Eric 'Tuma' Britton, a life-long Venice Beach local who has made a name for himself as a professional. The skate scene has become much more racially and culturally diverse since those early days in Venice, and Eric is still out their in the park every day, showing the next generation how it's done. We also meet Jared Cleland, an amateur skater from Dogtown, who is steeped in the history of Venice. His town might not be as wild and crazy as it used to be, but he carries on the spirit of real Venice skateboarding. Shattering Skating's Racial Stereotypes With Eric Britton | Venice Then and Now, Ep. 3