Wax Pocket is an accessory made of neoprene that fits the leash and lets you take a piece of wax and apply it directly in water

Surfers know what´s surfing on a bad day means, sometimes it´s very hard to access  the breaking point, waiting for the waves, paddling hard and then you see the perfect side of the wave open to you.  Sadly we also know what happens when you don´t have wax on your surfboard, this means wipe out at the worst moment.
 The wax pocket will help you avoid this. The wax pocket is made of neoprene which is an elastic material , this aspect lets you tighten any kind of leash , knee or ankle type, without looseness and with a soft contact on the skin.
 Even if you break the leash you won´t lose it. You could use it again with another leash easily.
 The maintenance of the wax pocket is similar to the wetsuit, it just needs water to clean it and this will increase the life of the wax pocket.
 The wax pocket will let your sessions last longer and more importantly safer, we will only worry about surfing.
 Remember your free time is the most valuable thing and we want to take advantage of it to the maximun doing what we love.
 I want to thank you for your attention, and I hope that you enjoy surfing and never have to worry about wax.