You saw the session that went down in the Namibian desert at the end of May. This is the video from that swell you've been waiting for.

"It's definitely the best barrel in the world," says Matt Bromley, the undisputed star of this show. "But the elements make it radically difficult to get one. The rip is super super, strong, it's always windy, the takeoff is super nuts and a lot of the waves are too fast. But if you luck into a gem, it's game on."
It's definitely the best barrel in the world, just the elements make it radically difficult to get one.
Part of the South African contingent to head to Skeleton Bay in the search of desert screamers, the BromDog claims the day as one of the best of his life. Hardly a surprise when you consider the time he spent behind the curtain over the 11 hours he clocked up in the water.

"Our longest rides were probably a km long or so," he says. "I'm still buggered three days later. I flew home and then chased a swell up to J-Bay for the trials to get a wildcard in the 'CT event. Amped."
Unfortunately for him, the event at J-Bay was postponed for the swell being too big, dropping a concrete road-block right in the path of his momentum. Though it's hard to imagine a couple of days off from ridiculously long pointbreaks, would do his legs any harm. The wasted journey couldn't dampen the memory of the best tubes of his life though.

"Aritz and Benji were for sure the standouts, the Spanish bru was spending so much time deep in the pit it was scary," continues Matt. "His technique is perfect in the backside pit. Benji was just getting shacked like the whole point on every wave – picking the medium double-ups which grow down the line. He got over a minute of tube time on this one wave. Alex and Natxo had some insane rides too. Everyone was so ended but stoked after a great day of surfing."