They say a picture paints a thousand words, which means by my reckoning that a post including 10 surfing pictures must conjure up a least 10,000 words, feelings and emotions.

Whether it’s the calm image of a deserted beach at the crack of dawn flooding back memories of cold sand between your toes as you make your way towards the surf, or an action shot of a pro surfer charging
down the barrel of a wave, making your heart race with adrenalin, surfing pictures have the ability to range from peaceful and magical to just plain cool.

Surfing Picture Gallery

We’ve scoured some of our favourite photogaphy sources to bring you our top pick all in one place. We hope you love our selection of surfing pictures as much as we do…

#1 – Underwater Surfer

Photo by Dave Collyer

#2 – Powerful Wave, Waimea Bay

Photo by Dave Collyer

#3 – Snapper Rocks Surfers, South East Queensland, Australia

Photo by Paul Manning

#4 – Rogue Wave, Southern Australia

Photo by Brent Bielmann

#5 – Snowy Beach, New Jersey

Photo by Ryan Struck

#6 – Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, Australia

Photo by Luke Going

#7 – Surfing after Sunrise, Maine

Photo by Luis Rana

#8 – Tow Surfing Jaws, Maui

Photo by Christian Black

#9 – Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii

Photo by Noyle

#10 – Winter on Long Island, New York

 Photo by Clark