So you got yourself a new board (you can do this on used ones, too) but didn’t have the foresight or cash to get it airbrushed. Fret not my bland friends, here’s how you can turn your plain Jane shred sled into a ripping work of art…

 What you’ll need:
-Masking tape
-Spray paint
-A well-ventilated area
-Clear acrylic sealant
-Paper to prevent overspray

Step 1
Clean the board thoroughly. Scrape any old wax off and use a rag with a bit of acetone on it to clean the surface up. Even if a board is brand new there’s still foam dust on it so make sure it’s clean! It doesn’t hurt to lightly hit the area with a piece of sandpaper that’s in the 180-220 grit zone.

Step 2
Sketch your design on a piece of paper or look on the web for some ideas.

Step 3
Tape off desired design. While you may wanna get all nuts and create the next great work of art, unless you’re name is Rick Griffin, keep it simple stupid. Fill in bigger gaps with paper or cardboard. If you have thin enough tape, go ahead and tape off the stringer for a more professional look.

Step 4
Spray it! After your design is taped off, shake your can of paint vigorously for a few minutes, then shake it some more—you really want the paint mixed well. As you spray, keep the tip at least 6” from the surface of the board taking care not to flood an area with paint. Your hand should always be moving so as to create an even coat.

Step 5
Slowly and carefully remove the tape. If you do it too fast or haphazardly you’ll make a mess of your new design.

Step 6
Let the paint dry for at least five minutes, longer if it’s cool out.

Step 7
Apply a clear coat to seal the design. I’ve found that the best sealant is “Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating”. Spray in nice even strokes so as not to create puddles. Let it dry for ten minutes or more and go rip!