5. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia (pictured above)
If there was ever an ideal surfing trip to take with your buddies, this is it. The Mentawai Islands provides a plethora of conditions for surfers of all skill levels in order to guarantee fun. Plus, there is no shortage of barrels for tube riders.

4. Mavericks, California, United States
This legendary location is just north of Half Moon Bay and is considered the best winter destination for big wave riders. Mavericks is not for the faint of heart. It will chew you up and spit you out. Only the gutsiest of big wave surfers will accept the challenge of facing these giant  'End of Times' waves that can measure up to 25 feet. To be honest with you, I don't even know why I would suggest anyone ever attempt to ride Mavericks. It's basically sending someone off to die, unless you're among the elite. Pro surfer, Mark Foo, died here in 1994 while wiping out on an 18-foot wave. Big wave rider, Sion Milosky, died in 2011 while surfing Mavericks. Witnesses estimated Milosky wiped out on a wave that measured "30-foot Hawaiian," which is 60 feet by normal standards.

Successfully surfing Mavericks is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Grommets, don't bother unless you have the cojones.

3. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 

This spot has some of the best surfing in all of Australia. Bells Beach is a close, CLOSE second. Surfers may experience the ride of their lives here, which has a reputation of producing sick tubes and solid walls. Be prepared to add this spot to your bucket list if you're ready to leave the word of a 'kook' and experience a surfer's paradise. Alright, mate?

2. Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa 

This legendary break is host of the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour. Supertubes is notorious for amazing right-hand tubes and long point breaks. Jeffrey's Bay was once just a small fishing village with a reputation as a 'hippie hangout.' However, it has become a popular tourist destination due to its reputation as one of the best surf spots in the world. Pro surfers invade Jefrrey's for rides that near 300 meters long. Actually, there isn't really a time where this spot isn't crowded by surfers. They're not alone either. Jeffrey's Bay is most certainly shark territory.

1. Pipeline Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline is the Super Bowl of surfing. Its powerful waves and shallow reef make this famous surf spot very enticing for surfers who love to tube ride. However, its considered the deadliest wave due to more deaths than at any other spot in the world — the average wave is even nine feet. Among casualties include Tahitian pro surfer Malik Joyeux; remember that when you're listening to your Jack Johnson CD while watching the movies Point Break and Blue Crush in order to get the 'surfing bug.' This spot is not for beginners. It's for the best of the best. It's the birthplace of surfing and the mecca for true surfers.

Photo Credit: Getty