In the words of Jake Paterson, talent can only take you so far and it’s a long hard road if you want to be a professional surfer. Perhaps nobody knows that better than Maui surfing phenom Clay Marzo. At age 15, as part of Quiksilver’s ‘Young Guns’ programme, Clay was heralded as the most talented up-coming grom in the world, eventually earning himself his very own profile movie at age 18 ‘Clay Marzo, Just Add Water’, in which the great Andy Irons also declared him as the best 18 year old ripper in the world. His natural talent and potential were off the chart. However, as the profile film also pointed out, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome it was highly likely Clay would find it difficult to navigate his way in the cut throat world of professional surfing. In the words of surf photog Jimmy Wilson, “Eventually if you keep turning down opportunities, they’re not gonna come anymore.” Now 24, Clay Marzo finds himself at a crossroads in his career and Epic TV recently caught up with the inspirational Hawaiian ripper to find out what Clay is thinking.

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