Photo : ASP

1. Watch the rhythm of the waves as they come in. When the waves begin to lull or subside is the time to paddle out.

2. Watch the bubble lines waves leave in their aftermath. When paddling out avoid being in the bubble line. When catching waves sit near or in the bubble lines.

3. Breathe in when paddling out over the top of a wave. When paddling to catch a wave breathe out.

4. For extra power when paddling use two arms simultaneously rather than one arm at a time alternately. Use two arms together when paddling for a wave and double your paddling power.

5. Always keep the face relaxed when catching waves. Sometimes surfers tighten facial muscles when straining to catch a wave. This causes neck and shoulder muscles to tighten up. To get full muscle range when stroking for a wave keep your facial muscles relaxed.

6. Smart surfers put their mind into paddling for waves. When paddling for a wave your mind should be focused forward in the same direction as the wave is going. If you are thinking about the wave behind when paddling for a wave your mind is going the opposite direction of which it should. Keeps thoughts and the mind going with the wave to improve paddling.

7. Long graceful strokes are better than short choppy strokes when paddling for a wave. Paddle like a pelican flying rather than a humming bird or a butterfly.

8. For efficient paddling take full smooth strokes sliding the hands close to the bottom of the surfboard rather than deep into the water. The objective to fast paddling is to get as much water flowing under the surfboard when paddling as possible.

9. Make a fast or steep wave by paddling in at an angle. Paddling in at an angle allows a rider to stand up in to a perfect trim along the crest of a wave.

10. Always take an extra paddle before standing up. On small waves if you do not take an extra paddle to catch a wave you may miss it. In large waves if you do not take an extra paddle when catching a wave you may get pitched over the falls. Always take the extra paddle.