Artist rendition of President Obama carving a turn.
It’s no secret that President Barack Obama is a skilled body surfer. Hailing from one of the birthplaces of surfing, Obama’s Hawaiian roots show whenever he’s out body surfing in rather hazardous locations like Sandy Beach, which features a heavy shore pound. Obama has both the form and the feel of the wave down pat.

However, these photos of White House staff members Ben Finkenbinder and Nick Shapiro carrying surfboards upon their return from Hawaii definitely raises questions. Was it their boards? Did President Obama sneek off for a surf session during the Holidaze?

The boards don’t look brand new. They have the appearance of the wax being cleaned off. The leashes seem to be intact, and traction pads have been stuck on the tails. One of the boards looks like it was shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer, with the other a Tokoro board that Jordy Smith likes to ride. Makes you wonder if President Obama has surfing skills, and whether he took one of these sticks out for a paddle. He certainly knows how to drop the shaka, one of the many cool things about our great nation’s President.