Guys: See if you can help. About a year and a half ago, I sustained a neck injury that has left me unable to surf. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and have been surfing all of my life, since 12 years of age. I have been seeing several neurosurgeons that have told me no surfing (can't ever bump myself again). I am in the process of maybe having surgery that will allow me to have a normal (sort of) life. The surgeons want me to explain the physical rigors, mechanics of, surfing. Can ya'll help me explain it? Any help would be appreciated. This is the most important thing that has ever happened to me.
asked by Nick Kiser

Surfing braintrust and part-time motivational speaker Nick Carroll responds:

OK, so the surgeons want to see what neck movements are involved in surfing. I imagine they also want to see what else happens to your body, since the neck is involved in virtually every physical movement you'll make.

My suggestion is simple: Take 'em a really good quality surfing video. September Sessions or No Destination spring to mind as great examples. Then they can watch the video and get a very clear idea of what you're talking about.

In addition: Without knowing anything about the nature of your injury, we can only encourage you to do everything you can to get back in the water. An astounding number of surfers have been told by doctors they'd never surf again, only to be ripping happily away within a year or two of supposedly hideous injury. If you can walk, you can surf.

Go get 'em, champ!