Whether you are a beginner surfer or a long time wave rider, there is a board for every experience level. There is also a board for every surfing condition. For small, lazy waves you may want to take out your long board for long, easy rides. If you are a more aggressive surfer looking to take on some double overhead waves, a shortboard is most likely what you want to take along. If you are not sure just which board is best for you, read on for a brief description of what types of boards fit what types of waves and which are a few good boards to choose from.


Shortboards became popular in the 70's and are still very popular with modern surfers. These boards are usually preferred by more aggressive surfers who want to ride faster waves and have better maneuverability. They are generally under seven feet long with pointed noses, high rockers, and thinner rails. One of the best shortboards out there is the Firewire Dominator. It has a round tail with a tri fin, quad fin, or five fin option. This epoxy board also has Balsa wood rails. This board is fast and maneuvers well in any wave set that ranges from knee high to slightly overhead.


Longboards have been around since the 50's and are still going strong. These boards usually range anywhere from 8 to 12 feet in length. These boards are thicker and easy to paddle making them perfect for beginners. One must have longboard is the Infinity Cluster. This board has a squash tail and an interesting fin operation with two larger fins on the outside of the tail and one smaller one in the middle. The larger outer fins give the board more drive and projection in turns, while the smaller middle fin adds stability. This is a great board for beginners and experts alike, and can be used in both small and large


Funboards range anywhere from six to eight feet long. They have a wider design making it easy to stay balanced while riding. For this reason they are a great choice for beginners or anyone wanting to gradually downsize from their longboard. One amazing model is the Mctavish Carver. This board comes with the choice of a rounded pin tail or a square tail. This specific board is fast, agile, and maneuvers perfectly, especially in smaller waves.

The Fish

The fish is a board shaped like a fish. It is even shorter than a short board and is wider and flatter, making it ideal for mushy or small surf. The Channel Islands Fishcuit is an awesome fish to start out with. It features a quad fin design and is fast and easily maneuverable. This is the ideal board for fast riding on small to medium waves.

If you are ready to take on some double overheaders, or are just a beginner looking to learn a little something about wave selection and paddling technique, grab a board and get out there. Look for a board that suits the surf conditions of your local beach. When in doubt, check out a local surf shop for some advice from the experts. By choosing the best possible board you can start catching waves fast and keep on catching them all year long.