The Endless Summer is the classic surf movie of all time

Living the dream, searching new surf spots, riding endless waves, meeting new cultures, embracing the surf lifestyle. Surf movies are windows to our imagination. The sense of freedom, discovery and challenge are always there, in the best surf movies.

Iconic surfing film makers have learned to communicate these values to the viewer. Taylor Steele, Bruce Brown, Jack McCoy John Milius and Chris Malloy are some of the recognized surfing director who brought and bring dreams to our minds.

When seasons change throughout the world, when the ocean’s flat or when we need extra adrenaline to pump our salt veins, there’s nothing like picking up the best surf movies out of the surf DVDtheque. SurfMovies.Org  has chosen the 25 ultimate surf movies.

The waves, the photography, the story, the surf spots, the surfers and the spirit are embedded in these films. If you own a copy of these surf movie, you’ll tell the story of your surfing generation. The movies are not sorted by relevance.So, what is the “must-buy” surfing movie collection? Click each surf movie to watch the trailer and read the plot summary:

1. The Endless Summer
2. The Endless Summer II
3. Big Wednesday
4. Castles in The Sky
5. Bra Boys
6. Occy: The Occumentary
7. Point Break
8. Crystal Voyage
9. Step into Liquid
10. Thicker Than Water
11. The September Sessions
12. Billabong Odyssey
13. Morning of the Earth
14. Momentum: Under The Influence
15. Five Summer Stories
16. Riding Giants
17. Singlefin: Yellow
18. Dogtown and Z-Boys
Dogtown and Z-Boys
19. The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun
20. The Seedling