As surfers we share the water with all manner of creatures who call the ocean their home. Some are completely friendly, and some, well, aren’t quite so friendly. We’ve scoured this weeks web for footage of these ocean dwellers so you can know what’s down below. 

To ease you in, watch these playful dolphins knocking this SUP’er of his board, twice. Dolphins are awesome, I’m personally very happy to be sharing the water with these beautiful intelligent creatures. Footage captured by: Adriaan Oelofse.

Slightly less friendly, this Sea Lion was hiding under a boat in Alaska. Around 1:08 the boat has driven off, leaving the Sea Lion to fend for itself. This is when a hunting Orca launches the seal high into the air with it’s tail. Although this looks fun for the Sea Lion, it almost definitely isn’t. If you notice a Sea Lion hiding under your board in the line-up, paddle away quickly.

And then there’s this. A Goliath Grouper eating a 4 ft shark in one bite. This should fill you with confidence for your next session.
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