It is obvious that surfing is not practiced in a swimming pool. When you are exposed directly to the sea, water waves come at a very high pace and collide with the body. It is obvious that the force of these waves is much more than the strength of the human body. Every surfer should remember this point at all times. Let me highlight some tips which can help you surfing safely.

The weight of the surfing board is a very important factor. Surf boards which are very light can turn upside down. In case of deep water, your body will always shake and it will be hard for you to maintain constant balance. It is obvious that if your board topples in deep sea, the chances of drowning will increase. Thus, try to get a board which has a decent weight. In addition to that, it should not be very long.

Once you have an adequate board, you need to surf according to a suitable dept range. Some people are over ambitious in the initial days and they try to surf in very deep water. This is not the right learning strategy. In addition to that, this can be highly dangerous. Even the most expert surfers fail to control their balance when a strong wave strikes them. Thus, you should start with slightly shallow water and then advance in terms of sea levels. In this, it will be easy for you to combat the fierceness of the sea.

For the first month or so, do not surf alone. Either your instructor should surf on a separate board beside you or he should on the same board as you. Another way of preventing drowning incidents is to use an air tube. This eliminates the chances of sinking in water as the body will float due to the lightness of the tube.

In my opinion, you should observe a lot of people before entering the water for the first time. This also reduces the natural fear which is present in every new surfer. Apart from that, you can also download videos related to surfing training sessions. This will help you a lot in combating your fear and your confidence level will be enhanced.

Some people have the opinion that joining a camp is not a very beneficial. This statement cannot be termed as true. Playing water sports without learning them is nothing but foolishness.