When I was a kid, a good surfboard wax job was worth bragging about to your surfing buddies.

Learn how to get the best surfboard traction in a few simple steps:

1) Step One: Remove the old wax. A tip to make this step easier is to place your surfboard wax-side up in the sun. After a few minutes, the wax should soften like warm butter.Use a plastic wax comb and scrape off as much of that old nasty wax as possible with a surfboard wax comb.

2) Step Two: Apply a base coat. Use the appropriately labeled 'Base Coat' type of wax first, as this will help your wax adhere to your surfboard longer and will generally provide for a better wax job when you apply a second coat of regular wax. The key is to lightly apply wax in small circular motions covering one area at a time. You'll get better 'bumps' if you tilt the wax to a 45 degree angle. As a rule of thumb, most short-boarders wax only the areas where their feet are placed (from the tail to just past midway to the nose), but long-boarders often wax the whole surfboard from top to bottom.

3) Step Three: Once you've got decent base coverage in the areas you choose, its time to apply the top coat of wax. Choosing the brand comes down to a surfer's preference. Personally, I've been using Sticky Bumps since I was a kid but whichever brand you choose, make sure to select the right temperature wax. For example, 'Cold', 'Cool', 'Warm', or 'Tropical', as indicated by the range of suggested water temperature on the label. Use the same small circular motions to apply the wax and watch as your patient efforts bear fruit.

If expertly performed, you should see small bead-like bumps develop right before your eyes. Worthy of braggingrights or not you should have enough traction to get you through a few surf sessions at the very least.
Going green is The Nice Rack's motto.

And it seems were definitely not alone on this path to make surfing related products more environmentally friendly. Now, you can add eco-friendly surfboard wax to the list of green-friendly surf related products for sale. The resin from surfboards can release dangerous toxins into the ocean while surfing. Well, did you know that 95 percent of surf wax for sale can have the same effect on the environment? However, check out Matunas Surf Wax, an organic alternative that is biodegradable and non-toxic. Matunas uses left over produce from local farms in Santa Cruz, California. Organic fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine are used for scent. How cool is that?? Also, unlike traditional surf wax, Matuna's does not include any unnatural chemicals, additives, nor paraffin. That's a good thing.

Don't surf? There are alternatives for snowboard wax as well. Magic Potion designs and distributes eco-friendly snowboard wax to promote high gliding performance with low environmental impact. So what does that mean to the mountain? It does not gradually disintegrate in contact with abrasive snow and does not leave any harmful residue. Means mountain is happy:)

So next time you buy surfboard or snowboard wax do nature a favor. Go Green! Chances are the earth will thank you for it by stoking you out with great waves or epic snow conditions.