Having spent a fair amount of time in holiday locations rammed complete of surfers and windsurfers - it would be rude of me to not really acquaint myself much better with the actual sports. Learning how to do them (surfing and windsurfing) is the way forward and just what better way to appreciate these kinds of sports than to flirt with and pull a pro surfer, it is actually the ultimate challenge! SO quickly on to the pulling rules.

The Juicy Stuff
Exactly where feasible go for the higher rank individuals. No one is actually interested in anyone truly ranked past 12th in the world - the winners are always simple to spot. Obviously if there is actually a ridiculous cute surfer who you really like and is willing to teach you about surfing but is likely to not go through to the finals and be out of the earlier ranks, you are able to make an executive decision as to whether he is really worth it or not necessary. This si a tough decision and may flounder your chances later on.

Never act arrogant. Surfers are exposed to arrogance all the time in the water. Most surfers tend to be seeking peace and a unity with nature not really arrogance. So merely be yourself and really confident but definitely not over confident. remember exploring stories usually are perfect as you'll usually be able to discover a middle ground.

Be Hot
Keep in mind surfers like to get up early, so don't mess around. Play your game early because they will wish to go to bed by 2am. Don't wait for them to appear to you because they are generally used to girls coming up to them. Play sassy and hot but don't be to easy because they love the games such as the challenge, it is actually precisely what keeps surfers and kitesurfers surfing so a lot.

Never be too attached, surfers tend to be usually travelling, usually seeking the perfect wave. They just like to go with the flow as if they are usually within the water catching the motion of the ocean. If you are usually too attached they will want to move on and run a mile.

So good luck girls, go get em and start learning to surf!