Perhaps you are getting ready to take your surfing lessons and the teacher has instructed everyone to get a quality wetsuit but there is only one problem - you know nothing about wetsuits. However, you have spoken to some of your surfer friends and they have told you to get a wetsuit with various thicknesses, based on how cold or warm it is. While you could look at a temperature chart, an easier way would be to brainstorm at least two places you'll be surfing at regularly. For example, if you plan on surfing during the autumn at a beach nearby your house - the temperatures will usually be anywhere from 64 F to 72 F. This means you will require a suit that has short sleeves or is either sleeveless. In this case you could always use a 2MM wetsuit or if you prefer something lighter - a 1.5 mm wetsuit is also fine as well.

For those of you surfing in temperatures of 76 F during the summer months, you may not even need a thick wetsuit or one at all. However, if is much cooler then that - we recommend that you pick up something with short sleeves. You are welcome to keep yourself dry by getting a short sleeved suit. The material will prevent too much water from entering. This is often better for most surfers because when it comes to getting out of your suit, it can become a major hassle. With the strong neoprene, depending on how thick it is, you can shield yourself from becoming too soaked.

But how thick of a wetsuit do I need if I am in 48 F waters?
This is usually the coldest it can get in the water and it is recommended to swim in water less than 48 F because this can be dangerous if you surf for a long time. In the event you are swimming in waters that are 48 F, always be sure to pick up a heavy, full body suit. This means you will need to pick up a suit which covers both your arms, legs, and the neck area too for extra protection. A 6/5/4 wetsuit would do fine and this way you will be well protected

In case you are having difficulty in selecting the right suit, you can always ask a professional at the surfers shop or even in online stores. Most of the representatives know a lot about the products which are in stock and are able to give you some friendly advice on what to get as well as the features they have.