Have you ever fancied trying your hand at watersports? Maybe you are a regular windsurfer or kitesurfer and you are after your regular fix? However, with the cold weather gripping the UK it can be increasingly difficult to hit the water.

This is why windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing in Morocco are growing so popular, especially during the winter months. With the promise of temperatures averaging 21 degrees Celsius during the winter months, Morocco has a warm and welcoming climate.

Additionally, because of resorts like Essaouira in the north, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the waves with a spot of watersport entertainment.

A Kitesurfers Paradise
Kitesurfing in Morocco is particularly popular around the handful of beaches that hug the coast in and around Essaouira. The conditions are ideal for beginners and more experienced kitesurfers alike. This is represented in the variety of conditions experienced at these beaches.
The more experienced should head to La Grotte - The Cave - as the waves produced here are higher and stronger. For a more rounded kitesurfing experience in Morocco, where you are likely to encounter watersport enthusiasts of all disciplines and levels of ability, head to Sidi Kaouki or the main beach in Essaouira.

Due to a growing community of watersport enthusiasts enjoying a winter holiday in Morocco, there is a vibrant scene that any budding kitesurfer, surfer or windsurfer will thrive in. The cafes are often busy with people talking about their experiences on the waves and newcomers to the watersport scene will find plenty of places providing lessons and equipment.

This is a main attraction that is helping to shape Essaouira and Morocco as a top kitesurfing destination regardless of the time of year. So, if you are keen to get your wet suit on, enjoy some sunshine and slide across the waves then kitesurfing in Essaouira is the place to be this winter.