Morocco, the first tourist destination in Africa with over 10 million tourists a year, has been elected by GrindTV , one of the world reference for adventure, third best place for surfing

This is the region of Taghazout , not far from Agadir, who had this privilege. The resort is second only to Waikiki in Hawaii and Surfer 's Point in Barbados Islands.

The town of Taghazout is known surfers since the 70s , the magazine writes , that most Scandinavian and German surfers learned to surf in Taghazout . GrindTV recommend to visit the region in the early fall , when the waves are still very large , instead of winter, where the waves are quite small and the warmer weather .

Ranking of the best places to surf as GrindTV :
 Waikiki - Hawaii
 Surfer's Point - Barbados
 Taghazout - Morocco
 Nosara - Costa Rica
 Byron Bay - Australia