1. Surfing is the grandfather of water board sports being that people have been surfing for hundreds of years with evidence of the natives on Hawaii surfing back before explorers first came to the islands. Back on the Hawaiian Islands surfing was often reserved only for royalty. Surfing has evolved into a mainstream super popular sport and big business. However surfing isn't for everyone just ask people who can't swim or people who are afraid to paddle far out into the surf where the waves most of the time break best. Surfing also requires a lot of skill and practice to become good enough. Once you've mastered the art of surfing though it's amazingly addicting and with it comes a life long passion that never leaves you.

2. Skimboarding however is a water board sport that can be enjoyed by just about everyone from young kids to middle aged adults requiring little skill to thoroughly enjoy it. You don't need to paddle far out into the surf, you don't need to know how to swim, there's also no sharks or undertow. It's a sport that can be enjoyed from the safety of the beach making it a great sport for young kids and easing the minds of parents everywhere. Skimboards are also much much cheaper than a surfboard and much smaller making it easier to take on vacation with you or carry in your car with you. Next time you're planning to hit the beach pick up a skimboard and give it a try, once you do you'll be hooked for life.

Jason Fackrell