Being pushed away by the greater and stronger force of natural waves, surfers have their own incomparable skills. The desire to surf is addictive and cannot be completed by just visiting one or two beaches. People from all over the world who loves surfing needs to know the best surfing places where surfers should pay a visit.

Gold Coast Australia

gold coast australia surfing

Australia has always been the focal point for the beach loves especially surfers. There are perfect waves which acts like a magnet for many surfers out there. Gold Coast is situated at the southern east portion of the Queensland and is the 6th more populous city in Australia. It is mainly popular for the sunny subtropical weather where tourists always love to visit. There are about four magical point breaks called the Main Beach, Palm Beach, The Spit and the Mermaid Beach. The beaches are of total length seventy km. Gold Coast is often called as the Surfers’ Paradise.

Mentawai Islands Indonesia

mentawai islands surfing

These islands are congregation of about 70 islands and also islets. Mentawai Islands are one of the busiest surf destinations which have a great amount of richness in their waves. The main four of them are called Sipora, South and North Pagi and Siberut. The access to these islands is only by boats or ship. The best time to go to the island is in between March and October.

Jeffreys Bay South Africa

JBay surf

At the east of South Africa Jeffreys Bay is one of the most renowned surfing destinations in the whole wide world. Many surfers who come here also like to have a ride on the beaches that are called Kitchen Windows, Boneyards, Magna Tubes, Albatros, Magna Tubes and Super Tubes. It hosted the show Billabong Pro WCT.

Fuerteventura, Spain

fuerteventura wallpaper

It is a portion of the Canary Islands and 2nd largest of them all. Fuerteventura is also called as the Mecca of surfers. The well-known waves are El Hierro, German Rights, Esquinzo, The Bubble, Mejillonas, Suicides, Rocky Point, Harbour Wall Cotillo and Majanicho etc. THE BEACH IS Available for all the visitors during all the season.