"My life was getting worse, not better, and it should have been getting better, because I've accomplished all the things I wanted to accomplish." ~Kelly SlaterKelly Slater is a world champion surfer. He's arguably the best of all time. The Michael Jordan of surfing. He has it all. Or does he? During an interview with Josh Baron of Relix magazine, Slater let down his guard and told the real story. He talked about his failings out of the water in his personal life. You'll enjoy the personal conversation. One note: all the music you're about to hear is Kelly Slater playing the guitar and singing songs he wrote. It's not something you always hear during an interview.Interview by Josh Baron, editor-in-chief of Relix magazine Nov. 17, 2008 // The Bowery Hotel, New York // Digital recorderProduced by David Gerlach Illustrations by Lena H. ChandhokMusic by Kelly Slater