It’s giving time, folks. Now here’s how you please the impossibly hard to please.

The holiday season is upon us, which signifies two very important things.
Foremost, it means that it’s the season to spend time with your most beloved friends and family (and in-laws, I guess). Secondly, it’s time to shower the aforementioned loved ones (and in-laws, I guess) with lavish gifts because customs and tradition make strange acts of kindness wildly acceptable. You probably don’t need much help in figuring out the logistics of how to spend time. So let’s help you spend money.

On gifts. Specifically for those who surf.

We won’t sugarcoat this: surfers are hard to shop for. And, often times, damn near impossible. Tastes in surfing are insanely diverse and there exists a very fine line in everyone’s mind that separates what’s cool from what’s offensively tacky. Navigating the poster-drenched walls of a surf shop and walking out with a product that your target will genuinely adore is no petty task. But we’re here to help.

So, without further ado, here are the five best and the five worst gifts to give a surfer.

The Worst

Purchasing a surfboard is such a thoughtful, earnest attempt at making a surfer happy – and it’s probably one of the worst gifts you could conceive. This is akin to an arranged marriage. The only person selecting a surfboard should be the one who’ll be riding it (maybe with some feedback from a shaper). Otherwise, it’s forced and uncomfortable.

Please, rid your mind of those rosy memories of Baywatch episodes when considering surf/beach culture – you’re clearly lost.

Surf-themed decor
Stop. Seriously, just stop.

Popular surf books
Another novel (pun definitely intended) concept that translates horribly into real life. Soul Surfer and the lot are all cute books – just not for anyone that actually surfs.

We’re done here.